New Crime Novel

TAPESTRY OF TIME – A book (Crime Novel) by Kai Schuurmans  –  ISBN 978-3-033-04940-6 (Paperback 233 pages)

Kai Schuurman’s second novel is a thriller with a difference. A small-town police chief sets a young police woman to work with John Custer to find a man accused of killing his family a decade before. The story line is riveting, but this is more than just an excellently plotted story that will have you reading late into the night, it is an observation of human nature, and the deeper side of the soul which moves us. As the landscape of the novel changes, the reader is taken to unexpected places. A story as much about the hunt as it is about restorative justice and forgiveness. Highly recommended. Schuurmans has written a book that thrills and feeds the soul at the same time.

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